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Brown University, Providence, RI

B.A. History; May 2010 (GPA: 3.8/4.0)

Teaching Experience:

Lizard Education, Irvine, California; College Admissions Counselor (8/2016 – Present)

  • Co-authored “What Your Agent Will Not Tell You About College Admissions”
  • Facilitates introductions and information sessions between Chinese and other extra-national clients

 Beijing Public High School 80, Beijing, China; Teacher & College Admissions Counselor (8/2015 – 8/2016)

  • Full-time substitute teacher for leadership, IGCSE English, and Global Perspectives Courses.
  • Supervised 60 student cohort of US bound students through their application process (choosing universities, preparing to apply, writing college admissions essays, waitlist strategy, etc.).
  • Booked over 100 admissions officer representatives from top ranked US public and private schools.

SAIE Academy, Shenzhen, China; History and Language Arts Teacher (8/2014 – Present)

  • Teaching four courses in world history, geography, American civics and cultural studies for 30 international school students aspiring to study at elite universities around the world.
  • Substitute teacher for psychology, world cultures, Western civilization, and English composition.
  • Hasdil Intensive School of English, Tripoli, Libya; English Instructor (3/2014 – 7/2014)
  • Taught one hundred Ministry of Interior administrators, police officers, and scholarship students to develop basic through advanced proficiency in English.

Hasdil Intensive School of English, Konya, Turkey; English Instructor (1/2014 – 2/2014)

  • Substituted for two months for an intensive English school in Konya.  Helped around twenty students from beginning to advanced stages of proficiency.

Laureate Vocational, Rabigh, Saudi Arabia; English Instructor (8/2013 – 1/2014)

  • Completed four-month substitute contract for three classes of 20 employees each in technical English certification at the HIWPT Campus in Rabigh.

Mcgill University/RCJY Project, Jubail, Saudi Arabia; English Instructor (4/2013 – 8/2013)

  • Completed four-month substitute contract by training two classes of 25 SABIC employees in basic and technical English certification.

Substitute ESL Trainer, Seoul, South Korea; English Language Instructor (6/2011 – 6/2012)

  • Completed short-term substitute teaching contracts for BCM Language Center, Pagoda, and Poly School.
  • Taught over 200 students basic English communication and cultural competencies.

Wordsmart, San Diego, CA; Research Associate (3/2008 – 9/2008)

  • Evaluated ~50 books, research articles, websites, to write over 200 new exercise problems and 20 pages of literary content for Wordsmart 2.0, a language and literature development application.

Research Experience:

University of California- Irvine, Irvine, CA; Research Assistant, Education Department (1/2009 – 6/2011)

  • Interpreted data from 200 students and successful entrepreneurs to support manager’s dissertation: “Elements of Human Effectiveness: Intelligences, Abilities and Personality Traits That Predict Success and Fulfillment in Life.”

US Chamber of Commerce, Washington D.C.; Research Intern, Congressional & Public Affairs (6/2004 – 9/2004)

  • Analyzed 200 pages of free trade agreement documents for publication entitled “Embracing Globalization and Free Trade Agreements”.
  • Advised senior lobbyists about crucial legislation necessary for ratifying the “US-Morocco Trade Agreements” and “US- Australia Free Trade Agreements”.

Academic Publications:

  • “Computerized Cognitive Training Methods to Increase Intelligence” (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Project, 2009)
  • “Strategies for the Direct Enhancement of Intelligence” (International Mind and Brain Education Society, 2009)
  • “Strategies for the Direct Enhancement of Intelligence” (American Educational Review Association, 2010)
  • Leyrer, J., Engelman, N., Saldana, S., Rutherford, T., & Klunder, J. (2011). The development of a manual for instruction in inductive reasoning. Paper submitted to the annual meeting of the American Education Research Association, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Leadership Experience:

Alumni of the Ivy League, New York, New York; Executive Director (2/2012 – Present)

  • Helped founder Osman Niazi grow online networking program to 95,000+ members from alumni networks of the Ivy League, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Insead.

Prep Works, Cleveland, Ohio; Co-Founder and Programming Developer (1/2011 – 10/2011)

  • Co-developed free, online step-by-step training program to prepare native English and ESL students for the GED test.
  • Generated over 15,000 hits from over 30 different countries around the world.

Cognition Exploratory Learning Digital Age (CELDA) (10/2010 – Present)

  • Presented “Computerized Cognitive Training Methods to Increase Intelligence” to online conference
  • Reviewed over 30 different presentations in 2010, 2011 and 2017.

Brain Boost, Irvine, CA; Program Development Associate (12/2009 – 6/2011)

  • Designed, proposed, obtained funding, and executed study of educational interventions designed to increase working memory, inductive reasoning, language development and other cognitive skills necessary for academic  and vocational success.

Frontier, Providence, RI; Founder and Co-Director (9/2004 – 6/2005)

  • Proposed, researched, designed, and co-directed non-profit that provided extensive SAT preparation for students at Hope High School, yielding an average improvement of 300 points.

Youth Community Organization Serving Others (Y.C.O.S.O.), CA; Founder and Director (2000 – 2003)

  • Managed 18 volunteers in project that delivered $100,000 worth of food clothes, toys, and living essentials from 12 local donors and businesses to soup kitchens, homeless shelters and senior centers.


  • “What Your Agent Will Not Tell You About College Admissions” by Joe Klunder and Rachel Winston
  • Editorial Acknowledgement for “A Short History of the World” by Christopher Lascelles
  • Editorial and Writing Acknowledgement for “Fiske Guide” 2017 and 2018 Edition, by Edward Fiske


Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (2009)

  • Awarded $2000 to conduct a monetary award to conduct promising research in educational psychology research project “Computerized Cognitive Training Methods to Increase Intelligence”.
  • Proposal published in annual UCI research awards journal.

Brown University Internship Assistance Program (2004)

  • Awarded $5000 for conducting internship at US Chamber of Commerce.

Gene Autry Humanitarian Award (2003)

  • Awarded by Disney Company to recognize exemplary service to the community.

Special Interests:

Joe Klunder Education Challenge

  • is the head website for my education challenge.  First, the aim is to provide information so anyone with internet access can understand what is expected to be educated.  Next, basic material such as pencils, paper, and books can be given.  Next, even volunteer teachers will be delivered.  I call this the “Joe Klunder” education challenge and it has been published in article such as:

Youth Mentorship

  • Currently head of Community Service Club at SAIE International School.

Encouraging Social Justice through Individual Initiative and Education

  • Founded four community service projects that aimed at improving: General welfare of disadvantaged populations through improved transportation networks (YCOSO), College preparedness for lower socio-income high school students, especially on the SAT (Frontier), Development of key cognitive analytical processes crucial to educational success (Brainboost), Basic adult literacy and academic skill development (Prepworks)

International Travel:

  • Taught in five foreign countries: South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Libya, China.
  • Traveled to twenty other foreign countries: Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, England, France, Germany, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Tunisia, and Qatar.