About Joe Klunder

Currently, I am an international teacher. I have taught in six countries: South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Libya, Russia and China. I love anything international: food, weather, socio-economic organizations, volunteering, etc. Teaching provides the opportunity to get to know others, help others, save a little money, and get to travel a little.

Other people have always told me that I have a big heart and enjoy helping others. I certainly hope and feel that is true. I believe everyone requires a positive sense of social responsibility to help others, and I try to instill these values when I teach.  To prove I  stand behind these ideals, I  volunteer for a range of causes and contribute as much as I can.

Past achievements include writing a book on how to make the best out of admission opportunities, and I am confident I will soon be published again with my latest project on community colleges.

At the moment,  I am working as a Public School Teacher in Beijing, and continue to enjoy making a difference in the lives of my pupils.  More broadly, I am also writing books and designing curricula designed for  wider audiences. The  “Joe Klunder Education Challenge” is available for free, and encourages children to expand their literary influences.

Currently, I would like to pursue more opportunities in international education. I love a field where every day is an opportunity to meet new people from around the world, solve problems that the old ways just cannot seem to solve, travel, and (in some cases) be well-compensated for doing what I really enjoy. I think it’s so cool that even something like a trip to the grocery store or a new restaurant can be a genuine adventure. I feel I am also learning some valuable life skills (such as how to live without a car, minimize consumer purchases, be able to enter or leave a country for immigration/emigration within a few days, etc.).

Feel free to email to get to know me better.  Happy to mentor anyone in need.