Why International Education Needs to Change

Posted on May 15, 2018

I will use the example of Spencer Fowler of Western University, also known as Spencer Aaron Matthew Fowler of an example of bad behavior.  It may even be criminal behavior in the US or Canada.Spencer Fowler Shows Caution Should Be Used With Foreigners

Spencer Aaron Matthew Fowler Shows To Be Careful Who You Trust


Spencer Fowler


Spencer Fowler


Even though I am often critical of Chinese companies that are making false promises or lies to Chinese customers, I should also equally criticize Western teachers that are going along with nefarious plans.




Spencer Fowler





This man has been reported to the Beijing government and his Canadian university for his bad behavior. He has also been reported to International Association for College Admissions Consultants (IACAC), Ivy League admissions officers, “Alumni of the Ivy League” managers, and his PHD program.  Even though the final outcome is their prerogative, he still should be reported publically for his dishonest behavior.


In his case, he lied to many people and made false promises to become head of school for Dalton Academy of the High School Affiliated with Peking University. The first day he got his job, he rescinded over ten contracts for people who did not side with his manipulative politics. Experienced teachers and counselors were fired even though they did nothing wrong, other than disagreeing with his ambitions to overpower others.  His wife is an admissions counselor.  Considering the school may be looked at more carefully, as is usually the case, it is the students that lost out.


Considering this person was not awarded his PHD at the time, but may have been representing himself as such, he could be guilty of some grave violations. Combine that with his violation of Human Resources hiring and termination policies in the US, Canada, and the UK, we could call this man a “criminal” in some regards. Even though there are no laws that prevent Spencer Fowler from being a liar, cheater, or hypocrite, his actions are still a serious thing if he is to call himself a leader.


Further investigation must be done. I reasonably believe, but cannot yet prove that he actually committed crimes on Chinese soil or else he’d be under arrest. I do know that he is guilty of lying and manipulative behavior, and did things that are illegal had he been an acting manager in a Western country. The fact that multiple enquiries to his phone and email, begging for an alternative explanation, yielded no response to me is an admission of guilt.


There are forums that will report him and make sure his actions back in Vietnam, here in Beijing, or anywhere will be well-recorded. He should not continue to do bad actions and call himself a leader.

What is the Solution?


Although Mr. Fowler’s example is an extreme one, I understand many teachers and leaders are not qualified despite saying they are. Here are some things that are markers of excellence.


1. Always ask to see their degrees, including college degrees, diplomas, etc.

For English, the CELTA is a good marker of excellence.


2. Always ask for references and check references. If you cannot speak English, many English teachers can check for you.


3. Never trust someone simply because they are good looking, charismatic, or went to a name brand school. We can see our example looks very handsome and charming, but is he a person you can trust to do the right thing?


4. Always ask for a sample lesson. You might be surprised that many teachers such as those from Africa, are very educated and experienced teachers.

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