Those Special Moments That Last Forever

Posted on August 3, 2015

A Reflection on What Makes Life Worth Living

A part of me cringes as I write this.  I know that others (and most likely myself) can now look at my words, my works, and my thoughts with a critical eye.  After all, everything I write can be later be condemned and Google-searched as too naive, objective, reflective, wordy, terse, or any other term to describe sub-par writing (and sub-par thoughts represented by those words).  However, there are some moments in life that I simply cannot let slip by in the stream of events called “life” that permeates and inter-connects us.  In hopes that myself and someone else can benefit from this, I write that others may understand, reflect, connect, or do anything but “judge”.  Maybe as I reflect, I can bring us all to a place nearer to what we aptly-term is “where the heart is”.

     Always the analytical part of me has ruled over every fiber of my being.  Seeking to make the most efficient use of my thoughts, energy, and  (most importantly) my time has always had me try to live in world of calculations, potentialities, possibilities, statistics, and other mechanations of the human mind designed to give us certainty and freedom from error in this crazy entity we call life.

But, as always, there’s something we never can completely plan for: chance encounters.  I met such a person last week and we quickly become friends.  Beyond being a friend to the fellow solitary traveler/migrant worker that I technically am, this person did remind me of what it meant to need to slow down, and take things step-by-step.

For a brief moment in time (at dinner specifically) time seemed to decelerate down to a crawl, lose it’s usual methodically calculated rhythm and invested me in the often-naive but ever hopeful belief that this moment could last forever.  I remember time I spent with my doting Grandmother when I was five years old, my energetic father playing baseball before the usual seasonal tryouts, and the handful of other experiences that make life seem like less of a struggle and more of a pleasant existence.

I hope whenever I read this, or anyone else reads this, they can go to that special place that makes them genuinely fulfilled.  Perhaps we can all get a little closer to that special place in our careers, our family life, our personal life, whatever, that lifts our spirits up and gives us the courage to be our true selves.

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