Revised: A 15 Minute At Home Routine Hypothesis To Test

Posted on July 21, 2015

I think I’m very close to finding a minimalist workout that works with me at home when I’m very short on time.

That is, an exercise routine that maximizes the most parameters:

– intensity
– optimal body composition
– flexibility
– strength – cardio-vascular capacity
– in the least amount of time
– using the least amount of space and equipment
– can be done at home to minimize transit time
– can be completed at least once a day, every day and maybe 2x a day without over-training

1. Movement Prep: (10 Minutes for painful thoroughness, 5 minutes for very quick basic circuit)

2. Tabata Protocol: specifically, plyometrics like burpee double pushups with a moving jump.

20 seconds full intensity, 10 seconds aerobic recovery; finish 8 sets in four minutes.

3. A Sensible Diet; 12x calories per pound of bodyweight.

40-30-30 is a great place to start.

For more specific results, use SD LDL cholesterol and Apolipoprotein E genotype testing to find out exactly when the body starts being unable to process carbohydrates efficiently. Constant is 12x calories and 30% protein; start from zero carbohydrates for a week, raise carbohydrates 10% each week for 6 weeks to see the level of tolerable carbohydrates.

4. Of course, more thorough exercise, especially with a personal trainer, will yield greater results than anything I could say here. But, for those incredibly short on time and need something they can do at home with no equipment, etc. It will be something that starts tipping the metabolic balance in your favor.

As soon as results decelerate, it’s time to add progressive over-load in some fashion:

5. Most importantly, I need to lead by example and do this on myself to see what the results are. If I don’t see results or can’t keep up with this routine, all these words are a waste of keystrokes and misleading to others.

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