Cognitive Load Theory Notes

Posted on May 17, 2015

It appears there are two definitions of an expert:

a. Compared to a novice, the expert has broader and deeper knowledge schemas.
b. Compared to a novice, tasks are more automatic.

2. Automaticity appears the main goal of instruction.

a. For a skill to become automatic, 2000 “perfect practice” experiences are necessary, at least for simple letter matching tasks.

b. The payoff is huge, automatic tasks are done 16 times faster, and have the same amount of accuracy, as non-automated tasks.

c. For things such as moral judgments (i.e. to use the death penalty), they may never become automatic. However, for actually task and knowledge schema, it can be automated. Don’t think that embracing the concept of automaticity means it will change you in a bad way.

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