Chinese Market Booming in China; But At What Cost?

Posted on September 7, 2017

Education definitely has turned into a for-profit field in China.  On every corner, there is not only a traditional public school, but also an after school academy and usually an agency that promises overseas study.

However, what is the cost of all of this?

At the monetary level, parents everywhere are spending up to $100 USD an hour on ESL tutoring.  At the social level, there is a growing disparity between wealthy and poor.  At a society level, it is a social system that is so concerned with money, status, etc. that they will place results over the processes required to get there.  Cheating, forging grades, etc. in school is sadly common.  I feel many of these students lack role models.

I wrote a book to speak about such practices entitled “What Your Agent Will Not Tell You About College Admission”

The co-author and I even had the book translated into Chinese:

From the business aspect, I’m definitely looking to get clients, get results, and make a living.  However, I always hope I can keep integrity and ethics.  Sadly, I have seen many Chinese companies and the Westerners that work for them engage in unscrupulous practices.  Look up “Spencer Fowler of Western University, Dalton Academy” on Google to see an example of such behavior.

Perhaps the only way to end this bad behavior is to lead by example, even when times are tough.  I hope I can be the teacher and counselor who changes that.  If anyone has commentary on “” about the “Joe Klunder Education Challenge” I would be happy to hear how I can reach many viewers, both paying and non-paying, to see how my service can be optimal.

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